First day back at the trail!

I’m drinking magical unicorn juice today! (No unicorns were harmed in the making of this juice, but some rhubarb, red cabbage, celery and cucumbers were)

Throw on some ginger sesame sauce and stir everything together until it’s unrecognizable. You know you want to.

The Road to Hana + violent storm with mudslides threatened my life mere hours before my birthday. However, at least R2H has two lanes! Kahekili Hwy was way worse, a terrifying, white knuckled drive with absolutely no way out. If you want a good laugh, read TripAdvisor reviews of Kahekili Hwy, they are hilarious.

What is mangosteen?? I had to look them up on my trusty internet. I really regret not trying these…

The sun loved me for my birthday. Maybe a little too much…

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This was seriously one of the most epic hikes I’ve ever done. Very steep, but so worth it. Get a look at these vistas!

Seriously. 💙

Alien landscape. (Mt. Haleakala, Maui) #timelapse

I’m on the beautiful island of Maui, and all I want to do is take pictures of my food… But seriously, green smoothie tastes better here. It’s the bananas.

Sleeping in a bunk bed is like having your own personal fort. (And if you’re really clever you can rig your phone to watch movies hands-free. 😃) #bananabungalow

I do love my purple food… thanks @gailwind808 for hooking me up!

“Motion” test. This is actually a composite of over 200 stopped motion images to achieve the motion blur effect. Also experimenting with cinematic color grading, which looks just as great in still images as it does in film. 🙂

Went for a drive today to find and capture “motion” for a photography challenge. This challenge has been particularly irksome. The majority of what I did capture was the opposite, more like “still”. The mist was rising and catching the sunlight. The trees were steaming. Everything was glowing and quiet. Well worth the long drive out into no man’s land and getting stuck in snow (even if I still don’t have photos for the challenge).

Seriously, who knew about this??

And this is how we watch a movie, folks.

Today I took a different trek, and promptly got myself lost in a tangle of trails. It was eerie, cold, and completely devoid of other humans. Haunted, I say!

The perfect, balmy November day… Blissful.

Very important question: why are cow’s noses so cute??

I’ve been eating raw for the past three weeks now, and there is definitely nothing to complain about! Except maybe that I’m freezing after eating this.

I always choose the longest lines….

The mist in the mountains this morning was magical. It felt like being on top of the world.

Today’s fun food experiment: FROZEN clementine wedges and almond milk, blended. Super simple, but tastes just like an orange dreamcicle. I gave myself brain freeze!

This morning’s brekkie was a bit of an experiment. Raw quinoa and millet, soaked overnight and then blended with banana. I’m a believer, raw is better than cooked!

Dear fall. I love you. Sincerely, me.

Molasses seed bread with sugarless strawberry jam. So yummy, and healthy!

Mixing up a big batch of my lentil spice blend. Oh yes, it’s good!

Garden bites, AKA vegan quiche. Only made more perfect with Sriracha embellishments.

I need to live where lemon trees grow outdoors. The smell of lemon blossoms is like nothing else! Intoxicating.

Flashback to road trip 1997. Moving from Pennsylvania to Oregon, and all of my worldly possessions fit into my little two door Nissan Sentra. Good times!

Saying goodbye to my vintage fedoras. It’s easier to let go when you fully understand that experiences and adventures are so much more valuable than “stuff”. Stuff is just weight. If you can’t carry it, either it has to go or you have to stay. ? #minimalism

Look at this tiny pineapple! It’s totally cute (the sunglasses are for context).

Winter squash bounty! I am so excited to eat every single one of these.

Kitchen science – totally gross, or absolutely fascinating? ? #kombucha

Brr! It’s almost time for a trail run hiatus for the winter.

Making applesauce! It smells like hot apple pie in this kitchen…

Ready for fall? Anyone??

Little buddy needed help finding the water…

Ah, fresh morning air… *cough.

Galaxy Mag @

For my sci-fi geek friends: a good sized digital repository of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine is now on Lots of awesome old-school science fiction stories to read, with great illustrations. Robots, alien landscapes, time travel, space babes… yeah! Thanks to my buddy Ross for sharing with me. 🙂

Galaxy Mag @

*Not an eclipse photo!

The thick smokey air this morning turned the sun an amazing pink hue. More visually stimulating than the actual eclipse, in my opinion. 🙂

(Yep, it’s that tiny dot)

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