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Time Enough at Last

I sure hope there is no twist at the end of this story…

New Line of Work

The fortune cookie gods have spoken again… and aside from the bad grammar, they really know what they’re talking about.

Underwater Park

Monument to Mary, Duchess of Montagu

Sent from Writer

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Another winner, for the same price (€85,000).

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Perfecto! Beautiful rustic Tuscan farmhouse, only €85,000 ($90,000).

10 of the Coolest Custom Camper Vans Ever Built

Winter is Coming :(

  • Four Star Cave Hotel
  • Four Star Cave Hotel
  • Four Star Cave Hotel
  • Four Star Cave Hotel

Four Star Cave Hotel

Check out this four star hotel built in the grottos of Matera, Italy. Awesome!

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air

Ralph Waldo Emerson


In honor of December 2nd, 2016… Epic Move Day.

I grabbed this time lapse today of forest fire smoke plume exploding into the sky. It looks like a volcanic eruption…

I found a great restoration project in Abruzzo, in the mountains but near the sea. It’s marketed as a house, but it looks like an old convent to me.

Growing Lemon Trees From Seeds in the Pacific Northwest

Sometimes the best gifts come in tiny packages. Growing Your Own Lemon Trees A friend gave me a sandwich bag of lemon seeds wrapped in a wet paper towel. These were seeds from a lemon tree that came from another friend’s yard, and he described the lemons as sweet and delicious. He ate them in a bowl with sugar sprinkled on top, a simple and delicious dessert. I had always wanted to grow lemon trees from seeds, so this was the perfect opportunity. Read more…

Innovate or Die

An interesting read: Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? This article warns to “innovate or die”. Does this mean that classic photojournalism will soon be a ghost of the past, and be lost forever like so many other great arts?

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