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Garden bites, AKA vegan quiche. Only made more perfect with Sriracha embellishments.

I need to live where lemon trees grow outdoors. The smell of lemon blossoms is like nothing else! Intoxicating.

Flashback to road trip 1997. Moving from Pennsylvania to Oregon, and all of my worldly possessions fit into my little two door Nissan Sentra. Good times!

Saying goodbye to my vintage fedoras. It’s easier to let go when you fully understand that experiences and adventures are so much more valuable than “stuff”. Stuff is just weight. If you can’t carry it, either it has to go or you have to stay. 🤔 #minimalism

Look at this tiny pineapple! It’s totally cute (the sunglasses are for context).

Winter squash bounty! I am so excited to eat every single one of these.

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  • IMG_9483

Kitchen science – totally gross, or absolutely fascinating? 🤔 #kombucha

Brr! It’s almost time for a trail run hiatus for the winter.

Making applesauce! It smells like hot apple pie in this kitchen…

Ready for fall? Anyone??

Little buddy needed help finding the water…

Ah, fresh morning air… *cough.

Galaxy Mag @

For my sci-fi geek friends: a good sized digital repository of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine is now on Lots of awesome old-school science fiction stories to read, with great illustrations. Robots, alien landscapes, time travel, space babes… yeah! Thanks to my buddy Ross for sharing with me. 🙂

Galaxy Mag @

*Not an eclipse photo!

The thick smokey air this morning turned the sun an amazing pink hue. More visually stimulating than the actual eclipse, in my opinion. 🙂

(Yep, it’s that tiny dot)

Groovy sky striations tonight…

I hit the free wish jackpot!

I’m not sure my little car was meant for adventuring. Potholes are not friends.

Some trees were blocking my path, so I took care of them…

Morning blackberries. <3

Winter is Coming :(

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air

Ralph Waldo Emerson


In honor of December 2nd, 2016… Epic Move Day.

I grabbed this time lapse today of forest fire smoke plume exploding into the sky. It looks like a volcanic eruption…

I found a great restoration project in Abruzzo, in the mountains but near the sea. It’s marketed as a house, but it looks like an old convent to me.

Growing Lemon Trees From Seeds in the Pacific Northwest

Sometimes the best gifts come in tiny packages. Growing Your Own Lemon Trees A friend gave me a sandwich bag of lemon seeds wrapped in a wet paper towel. These were seeds from a lemon tree that came from another friend’s yard, and he described the lemons as sweet and delicious. He ate them in a bowl with sugar sprinkled on top, a simple and delicious dessert. I had always wanted to grow lemon trees from seeds, so this was the perfect opportunity. Read more…

Innovate or Die

An interesting read: Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? This article warns to “innovate or die”. Does this mean that classic photojournalism will soon be a ghost of the past, and be lost forever like so many other great arts?

St. Francis

Riomaggiore Street Time Lapse

You can tell every time the train comes in. The street floods with tourists…


Italian street food (fritti) – assorted fried ocean things, with lemon to squeeze. No need for utensils, you’ve got a giant toothpick!

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