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Back in Seattle Again

After 125 days of nomadic traveling, we rolled back into Kirkland. We didn’t have any fixed plans when we left, but had intended to be on the road for only a month or so. Coronavirus had struck in Kirkland and it seemed like a smart thing to do. Why not? We had our life and our home tidily packed into a small box on wheels, ready to turn the key, start the motor, and drive away.

Once on the road we fell in love with it too much. The freedom of having no rules, the promise of adventure around the next bend… Four months later, we had toured all through Eastern Washington, briefly dipped our toes into Idaho, revisited some old haunts in Oregon, and then wrapped up our tour in the little town of Tonasket, Washington.

So close to the border, my phone thinks we’re in Canada

We came back to Tonasket with the intention of looking at some properties in the area. It seemed promising on our first time through in March. But, while being a charming small town with plenty to offer in properties and amenities, after spending a week there in July we realized what we didn’t in March – it gets way too hot in the summertime. Sweltering summer heat was one of the main reasons we left southern Oregon. We need a cooler climate. There is a sort of temporary insanity that takes root in the heat, where you can’t think or function, and all you can do is focus on is trying to stay cool.

The freezer is stocked with Otter Pops!

Still, Tonasket is beautiful…

So we are keeping an open mind about where to buy land. Maybe it will be in Washington. Maybe it will be in Alaska. Or maybe we will skip out of this county altogether and find a simpler life in Ecuador or Peru. Or maybe we will start down the long path to Swedish citizenship.

On that note, we are learning Swedish together! It has been so much hilarious fun practicing together. We are starting to think and dream in Swedish already, although we still have so much to learn.

I have a sense of sadness at being back in Kirkland. It’s so… urban. But we are here now to get set up for a backpacking adventure with family and friends on the Olympic Coast next weekend. Then we have some projects we want to get done on the bus before heading back out on the road. There are some perks to bring back town, like access to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, the Asian grocery, and some of our favorite restaurants!

Asian grocery mysterious delights

Not bad for four months worth of mail!


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