Statue Lake

More breathless backpacking views in the Russian Wilderness.


This wasn’t just a regular sunset, it was alpenglow reflected off the clouds in the dark...

Birch Trees

I love birch trees.

Looking Into the Sun

Snuck a photo, because the pose looked heroic.


Not at the summit, but close. Maybe next time.

Photo Break

Taking my picture, taking his picture, taking my picture, and so on.

Blue Ice

Late season ice was really slick and hard.

Crampon Time

Mount Shasta

Tent View

Mount Shasta

Evening View

Our evening view through the tent flap was pretty outstanding, especially being above the smoke line.


Mount Shasta

Camp Site With A View

Mount Shasta

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness


Sunset in the NV Desert

Watching Miller’s Crossing on the iPad, with this view beyond… Yeah, it was pretty great.

NV Camping

Serendipity happens constantly. We found this great place to camp at random with some impressive geological...

Baltazor Hot Springs (Denio, NV)

But don’t get in, it’s boiling.

Hot Spring Bath (Baltazor Hot Springs)

Hot spring bath, anyone? The water was boiling coming out of the ground. One website called...

Alvord Desert


Back on the Playa Again

Alvord Desert

Cattail Fields

Smoky sunset at Willow Hot Springs.

Wildhorse Lake

Steens Mountain Wilderness

Steens Mountain Wilderness

The view!

Plateau Lake

Steens Mountain Wilderness

Sweet Grass

I almost fell asleep in the lovely grass by the lake, it was so peaceful.

Down at Wildhorse Lake

Steens Mountain Wilderness

Eerie Alien Landscape

The smoke was super heavy this morning, and disappointing at first, but it made for an...

Crazy Cool Geology


Cairn at the Radio Tower

Steens Mountain.

Wildhorse Lake, Steens Mountain Wilderness

Breathtaking views!

View of Wildhorse Lake

Prickly plant. Don’t touch it!

2 AM Moon Over Steens Summit

It was a cold and windy night at the Steens Summit.

Climbing Practice

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness

Setting Pro

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness

Rappeling & Belaying Practice

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness

Rappeling Practice

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness

Climbing Training

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness

Palisades @ Gearhart Mountain Wilderness

Ground Kontrol Arcade (Portland OR)

We kicked butt at Rampage! So much destruction.

That Smile!

Best Palace partner ever.

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