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Innovate or Die

An interesting read: Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? This article warns to “innovate or die”. Does this mean that classic photojournalism will soon be a ghost of the past, and be lost forever like so many other great arts?

Ripped From a Dream – Fantastical and Surreal Photo Composites

These scenes look so real, it’s hard to believe at a glance that they’re not. But something’s not quite right, they’re too fantastical to be true. The reason being these photo scenes are composites painstakingly created from pieces of hundreds of other photographs. The result is surreal and fantastical, like something ripped from a dream… Read more…

The Architect’s Brother

If my thoughts were to come out in pictures, they would look just like this.

Parke Harrison: The Architect’s Brother

The Birth of Steampunk in the 19th Century

Respect the ‘Stache

Just a little reminder to Respect the ‘Stache!

22 Incredible Photos of Faraway Places

Blade Runner Polaroids

An Orchestra in Your Pocket