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Color Grading

This lockdown is a gift. How many people wish they had time to work on this project, read that book, play a particular game or learn a skill? I’ve dabbled with film color grading off and on but never really had enough time to learn it well. But all I’ve got now is time! I’m going to keep at it until it becomes second nature. Also catching up on a bunch of other projects that I’ve been putting off.



3 thoughts on “Color Grading

  1. Ross

    Ooo. That looks exceptionally impressive. What camera snd software did you use?

    When thing calm down I want to teach myself DaVinci Resolve. I’ve dabbled with it but have no time these days. Maybe when my school comes out of lockdown and I’ve completed my Moodle Educators Certificate.

    1. Jamie Butler Post author

      Hi Ross! I’m using Resolve! It’s pretty amazing software. This is sample footage that I downloaded from the internet to be able to practice color grading, but my camera is a Lumix GH5. We have lots of video projects planned, so there is a lot of learning that I have to do…

  2. Ross

    I’m really loving Resolve so far. I’ve been experimenting with chroma keying to do green screen. The way all the nodes fit together reminds me of Blender (another program I’m trying to learn).

    Are you using the free version of Resolve for the colour grading. I can’t remember if you need to pay to get those features of not.

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