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  1. Hi,
    I read your guide:

    I could not find where to post a request to apple to add a webapp – can you share the link or steps to go in their website?


  2. I love your blog! But you haven’t posted in MONTHS! Please don’t say you’ve TOTALLY LOST INTEREST.

  3. Just read up on the tips for iPhone webapp designing. Learned many cool tricks, thanks!

  4. The top picture on your article on moss gardening is beautiful. I’m giving my old website,, a more grown-up makeover, and that picture would be perfect for one of my headers. Would you be willing to let me use it in exchange for a link to your site?

  5. FEW

    I could spend many hours looking at all these beautiful images. This is a muse museum of images and I really appreciate the use of the language of “LATIN” in your blog.

  6. Ray


    I was just wondering what tumbler you were using to polish your safety razors. I’m looking at picking one up and have no idea what to buy. Thanks!


  7. FEW

    I would like to say “Happy New Year 2013” to you and yours. I love your new formats and the education of expression from your muse to us all, thanks for being you, and sharing your gifts …Peace, FEW

  8. Andrew

    Hey girl, you know it’s that time if year again. Have a good one 🙂 Try not to be too sensible, it won’t help.


  9. Hello Jamie,

    I ran across your blog and thought you might like my artwork.


  10. Marianne Bennis

    I would like to buy such a globe lamp.
    Can you tel me where I ca do that.

    Thanks for your answer.

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