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Day 13

Day 13. This clearing-of-the-shelves thing is no joke. We dropped by a Walmart to pick up some supplies, and many of the shelves were completely emptied. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, medicines, rice, beans and canned goods… All gone. Even the RV toilet paper was all gone (which is what we were looking for). It’s no surprise, but there is plenty of Corona beer left to buy! Seeing the stores like this really hit home for me. I’d heard about the hoarding and panic, but hadn’t seen it first hand.

In other news, we’ve been struggling to find camp sites to park the bus. Many of the State Parks are closing as well as private RV parks. Very few private locations are updating their websites (those that have websites), so it’s a gamble trying to find the next place to stay. Finding a place that has cellular signal for work has been even more difficult. We’ve learned the hard way that coverage maps are not always accurate. Last week was very difficult trying to work with only one bar of signal.

So we are living day to day, and facing the possibility that we may eventually have to head back to Kirkland. But we’ll stay out here for as long as we can. There is so much beautiful landscape out here in Eastern Washington, and we are soaking it all in.

This was the best tasting burger I’ve had in a while. Everything tastes so good when you’re hungry! And wow, what a view.

So we found a beautiful camp site by a wide river and we’re planning to stay for the week. We went to fill up the water tank – for the first time since leaving Kirkland – and discovered that the hose adapter was missing. It must still be on the last hose we connected to! Also, there was no cellular service! So we headed back into town and found an Ace Hardware. Grateful that it was still open, we bought a new connector (and an extra for backup). Then we found a different RV park (also by the river!) run by the city, that has power and water. It isn’t as nice, but is also completely empty. We have the place to ourselves! It truly does feel like the apocalypse, but at the same time it’s so peaceful not having other humans around. It’s an introvert’s playground.

Tomorrow we are going to head up to a ski resort that has closed for the season, and explore with our skins and skis. Who needs lifts when you’re healthy and have legs?? 😄



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