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Day 23

Day 23. It has been stormy all week, varying from wildly windy to sunny, to gentle snow falling, then hail. The mountains in our peripheral went from bare to white, the snow reaching all the way down into the valley.

We’ve been eating really well. We’ve turned our refrigerator into a freezer and have stocked it full of frozen meat, vegetables, fruit, garlic, ginger, and herbs. We are able to last much longer on a single food shopping trip in that way. Brad has been Mr. Gourmet in the bus kitchen, experimenting with delicious creations using the Instant Pot. We’ve had pot pies, chili with cornbread baked on top, salsa chicken burritos, and curries. He’s also come up with the perfect recipe for cooked fruit with cake on top. Last night he made rice pudding, which doubled as a terrific leftover breakfast this morning also. I’m so spoiled that he’s doing all of the cooking while I’m working. Bus life brings out the creative best in us.

All the while the scenery keeps changing out the window, by the minute. Those skies!



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