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Day Three

Day three. We left Stevens Pass today and headed East toward Wenatchee. It was just in time because a storm was moving in on the mountain and snow had starting falling. The landscape changed very quickly from densely forested to arid and treeless. I think the desert is so beautiful! Rolling sunswept hills, in brushtrokes of watercolor – green, yellow, brown and pink.

Drives are fun. Brad and I communicate on the road via two way radio (channel 38). Now we are camped by a wide river nestled in the hills by a manicured park. There are groundhogs everywhere, chirping at us for food. I may have left an offering of popcorn on the ground.

We’ve been looking at properties in this area, in the desert but close to the mountains. We’ll park the bus, build a bathhouse, start a garden, live off grid. I could be happy and content in a life out here.



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