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Kitchen and Flooring

We are getting an idea of our kitchen layout, and how much room the appliances will need. Check out the small (but deep) sink that we found on Amazon! It came with a colander, dish rack, and fitted cover / cutting board. We also want to recess the countertop for the propane stove so that we can have a multi-use workspace for chopping veggies, or for working on skis.

We also dropped by Color Tile in Medford and had a chat with a flooring expert. We learned so much about vinyl vs. laminate, and porcelain vs. ceramic! Super helpful. They let us bring home some samples to view them in the space with natural lighting.

So with our tile picked, we found out that it’s actually “premium pool tile”, and would set us back like $450 just to do the fireplace and modest kitchen backsplash. Ouch! But the owner was super nice and offered us the last 80 tiles for $200. It’s plenty to do the job and a little bit more. It gives us some margin for error to screw up a few.



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