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Narrow Walkway Revisions

Building the narrow walkway to the shower continues! We’ve created space for storage beneath in the front for kindling and pressed wood pucks (every little bit of space counts). We decided not to have a lift hatch because it would make the walkway too unstable. Access will be from the front where you can reach in and grab wood. I lined the compartment with leftover rubber from the bus floor to be able to handle the abuse from firewood.

We have Polyiso insulating the wheel well, with QuietWalk over the top. There was a bit of a gap that we filled with a layer of foam from our solar packaging, which filled the gap perfectly and gives more cushion to the walkway.

The storage space near the back is the perfect size for extra toilet paper rolls and miscellany, but we weren’t sure it would work the way it was planned before. Not ready to give up on that unused space, we upgraded to a thicker plywood board and bolstered the support underneath. It feels so much sturdier to walk on now, and we have a hatch! There will be a simple finger hole to lift the hatch… Now we need to figure out what kind of finished floor we want for the walkway….

(Do you see our toilet?)



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