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New Year of Things

I didn’t post anything about the backpacking trip on the Olympic Coast. That was six months ago. See, I’d been feeling poorly, and then after returning from the coast fell progressively more sick. I’ve never been so sick before in my life! To keep the story short, it took months to recover from this sickness, and even now, six months later, I’m still not quite right. Sigh.

We’ve been moving around a little bit. We spent the month of December in the charming little Christmas ski town of Leavenworth. It’s very quaint – styled like a Bavarian village – and super festive this time of year. We took day trips and skied and celebrated Christmas super low key, just the two of us.

Now we have moved south, and are situated perfectly within reach of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood. Brad has been spending his days skiing and building footage for a film project. On weekends we’ve been skiing together or escaping to Portland to treat ourselves to a nice lunch or dinner…

This past year has been conducive to a lot of reflection, but more so in the past few months. Living this bus life has granted us so many freedoms and because of it we’ve gotten to experience so many adventures, see so many things. But it is not an easy life by any means. There are a lot of things that we haven’t figured out yet, and a lot of things that we want out of life that we’ve been unable to achieve out here on the road.

So, it’s time for a change. With a bit of sorrow (because we love our little home on wheels so much) but also excitement for a new chapter, we have decided to move into a permanent home. Maybe “semi-permanent” is a better way of saying it, because we’ll have a lease for a year and then be able to decide what we want to do next – whether that is buy a property or hit the road again. But for now, we officially have a proper home base to serve as a launching point for our adventures. Cuddlebus remains stalwart for weekend trips into the mountains.

This will help us to create some structure for our lives and help us to focus on our goals, projects and health… I love change. It is so refreshing and motivating.

Now this will be hard for me personally as a minimalist. I have little panic attacks about the pressure to buy more things to fill out space in a home. That feels like weight. I’ve been living so comfortably for the past two years in the bus without these things, and there is so much freedom in being able to go anywhere without having to worry about what to do with “stuff”. We have determined to stay ultra-minimal in our new home, but it will take some effort…

Here we are on a “recreational” trip to IKEA (which means just to look at stuff, because visiting IKEA is fun in it’s own right). There was a long line out the door waiting to go inside, so sadly this is as far as we went.

So close and yet so far…



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