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Rain Check

It’s coooold, baby! We packed up our gear last night for backpacking. Everything is ready to go in the car, water bladders filled, all we need to do is go. But this morning we huddled in bed for a long time to stay warm and comfortable. The weather still sucks. It’s dark, windy, and rainy. It’s going to be like this for the next week. Not a good time for birthday celebrations in the mountains.

So we are shifting our plans for a few more days at least, and in the meantime enjoying some local novelties. Trading in our bitter windy campground for a more favorable one, we are now the only inhabitants at Lost Lake. This little lake fills up in the winter time, then slowly drains away into a lava tube in the ground in the spring, creating a kind of rushing whirlpool waterfall as the water pours into the ground. I hope we are not too early to see it. The lake looks pretty full.

I spy Cuddlebus!

There are a number of hot springs nearby also. The thought of immersive, full body warmth is so appealing right now!



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