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First Showers

You can’t tell from this photo, but there is a shower in progress behind that curtain! We took our first showers in the bus, and oh my god, it was so great! We were laughing like kids. Our tiny shower room is plenty big enough for a sit down shower, the water was the perfect temp, and it felt so good and refreshing. Then we got into bed with wet hair and warm jammies, and nothing feels better than that.

Completed Combo Bathroom

Some pics of our tiny bathroom (shower / toilet combo). We fiberglassed by hand because of the tiny space and odd angles, then finished with marine paint. It was a very messy process, but one that we don’t regret. The teak wood bath mat was the final touch and fit the dimensions almost perfectly, just needed to cut a sliver off to fit the toilet. We’ll put up a shower curtain as a temporary solution until we can build a proper door (and frame). I can’t wait to take my first shower in there!

The kitchen sink drains through a tube into the shower, then straight down into the grey water tank. I thought that was a clever idea which made plumbing simpler.

Plumbing Test

Ok, plumbing test number one complete. It was so exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, and we have some issues to work through. First of all, the hot water heater uses batteries to ignite the propane, and since we don’t read manuals except as a last resort (!) we didn’t realize that they came capped and needed to have the caps removed. Ha. That was a simple fix. The water comes out instantaneously hot, and is so scalding it burned my hand. The pump came on and pressurized beautifully. There were some minor leaks that we fixed with a bit of tightening. But we have some major leaks in the garage where the joints are more finicky to tighten. We are worried about cracking the plastic joints that connect to the shower. So it looks like we will be working on plumbing today… And yes, we have the kitchen water run into the shower where it drains into the grey water tank. It all goes to the same place in the end. 🙂

Shower, Taking Shape

Our shower is starting to look less like a dungeon and more like a… shower! We had the option to go with a funky color, but opted for traditional white instead since there will be very little light coming in. I don’t regret fiberglassing by hand, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve lost many brain cells from the resin fumes. It looks great. Also, we took back the porcelain paint and bought marine paint instead. I wasn’t sure if porcelain would be a bad idea for a bus that shifts and moves a lot on the road, so we are playing it safe. Primer is on, and next week we’ll paint another coat of white marine enamel, then a final coat of glossy spar varnish.

Fiberglass Mess pt. 2

There is no way to get good pictures of this, but suffice to say it is the messiest project EVER! The end product will be nice, but man, what a job. We just finished fiberglassing the shower by hand. We chose fiberglass out of necessity because of all the crazy angles in the shower and no other wall panel or covering would have worked. It just looks like wet wood in the photos, but it’s done! Waiting for it to dry now, then a final sanding down before coating with marine paint.

The bonus: Brad now says that I am his hero. I’ll take it.

Tip – when working with resin wear clothes that you’re ok with throwing away afterward.

Fiberglass Mess

We started fiberglassing the shower today, and can you say MESSY?! Brad confessed about two minutes in that his temperament couldn’t handle fiberglassing, but we found our groove – me applying the fiberglass and him keeping me supplied with strips of mat and mixed resin. There’s still more to do, but I’m treating it like a fun art project (paper mache?). We are both on the OCD side, so big messes are stressful, but there is just no way to do this without making a big mess. So, we will embrace it!

Toilet Test Fit

Our combo shower / toilet space is going to be “cozy”, but now that the toilet is in place it actually feels pretty roomy. We will be able to use the toilet as a seat for showering to make the best use of the space. I’m thinking of building a fold out teak bench seat to fit right over the toilet for showering, then it can be folded back up out of the way for … well, you know, other activities. =)

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