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Cozy Bedroom

The bed is in, and sooo comfortable! It’s only a six inch high mattress, and I thought we would feel the bed platform, but we don’t at all. Comfiest mattress ever. Cutting memory foam is a chore though. I still have little bits of foam clinging to my clothes.

Also, we got the speakers and shelf above the bed mounted. It’s feeling so homey, I want to move in ASAP.

Unrolling of the Mattress

The unrolling of the mattress has begun! We had to finish putting polyurethane on the walls before doing anything with the mattress, but the final coat went on last night. So we are fluffing our new mattress and will cut it down to size today. Our bed is a non standard size, just shy of a queen. We made the choice to shorten the mattress so we have room for the narrow walkway to the shower. But at 5’7” (me) and 5’9” (Brad) I think we will still be very comfortable. Brad is a wizard with a sewing machine also (what a man!), so he’ll customize a fitted sheet to fit. This is when it’s going to start feeling like a real home!

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