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Seriously, who knew about this??

I’ve been eating raw for the past three weeks now, and there is definitely nothing to complain about! Except maybe that I’m freezing after eating this.

Today’s fun food experiment: FROZEN clementine wedges and almond milk, blended. Super simple, but tastes just like an orange dreamcicle. I gave myself brain freeze!

This morning’s brekkie was a bit of an experiment. Raw quinoa and millet, soaked overnight and then blended with banana. I’m a believer, raw is better than cooked!

Molasses seed bread with sugarless strawberry jam. So yummy, and healthy!

Mixing up a big batch of my lentil spice blend. Oh yes, it’s good!

Garden bites, AKA vegan quiche. Only made more perfect with Sriracha embellishments.

Look at this tiny pineapple! It’s totally cute (the sunglasses are for context).

Winter squash bounty! I am so excited to eat every single one of these.

Making applesauce! It smells like hot apple pie in this kitchen…

Ready for fall? Anyone??

Morning blackberries. <3


Italian street food (fritti) – assorted fried ocean things, with lemon to squeeze. No need for utensils, you’ve got a giant toothpick!

Many delicious ocean creatures died for our dinner tonight…

You Only Live Twice

Store bought sake and 007 You Only Live Twice. Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond.