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The Garage Is Done!

The garage is done (and everything has a place)! This is the view from the hobbit door over the bed, looking into the garage. We maximized storage space by adding racks to the back of the door for climbing rope and miscellaneous, and the telescoping ladder actually fits perfectly against the lower shelves. It’s great that our gear doesn’t have to take up our living space, and it’s all out of sight.

Garage Shelving

Brad went out of town today, but before he did we put up the shelves in the garage. We have room to store *almost* all of our gear. We still need room for some tools, helmets, rope, and our telescoping ladder. I think we can get creative with wall space and the inside of the garage door, using tracks and hooks for storage. It’s so great to see our house garage emptying into our bus garage!

Rubber Gym Mat

It was finally time to cut rubber for the garage, garage shelves, and under the bed. Even at only a quarter of an inch thick it was still super tough to cut through and needed scoring multiple times. I continue to be Brad’s hero, because as he says there were two projects he absolutely didn’t want to do – fiberglassing the shower and cutting the rubber, and I tackled it like a champ! My fingers are still numb from the pressure of holding the blade so tight… But doesn’t the rubber look great?

Walling in the Garage

Walling in the garage was super challenging because (as any bus person knows) there are no right angles in a bus! We also have a hobbit door going from the bedroom to the garage, a small window, and limited stud space.

But creative solutions abound! Brad used the cardboard template idea again, and also cut the wall boards at an angle to catch the most studs. The cuts were perfect! The end product is a strong wall that is primed for our rubber layer and should hold great. Brad also marked the studs with strips of tape so we knew where to put our screws. Simple, but smart. I like this guy (a lot).

Rubber Flooring Water Test

Rubber flooring water test! We plan to line the garage space (walls and floor) with rubber to waterproof it from drippy skis and snow melt. I ordered some rubber flooring samples online so we could physically compare the qualities and run some water tests. I didn’t expect the rubber gym mat to perform well. I thought it may have been too porous and actually absorb water, but all three samples did great! Water beaded up and poured off. I left the samples with water on them overnight, and it all evaporated without sinking into the material.

Even though the other samples performed better, we decided to go with the gym mat because it’s thin and pliable and should be easy to mount. Order has been placed and comes on Tuesday, then we can finish off the garage!

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