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New Faucet

As much as we loved the commercial style sprayer faucet, it turned out to be too big for our modest sized little sink. The spray would have been too near the front instead of the middle. So here is our replacement choice. It’s cute! It also leaves plenty of room for us to wash our hair in the sink when we need to.

Water Pump and Regulator Installation

Brad put together a little mounting platform for the water pump and regulator. It lives right next to the fresh water tank, which is now under the bed. Our original plan was to install it in the undercarriage of the bus. Here is the story of why the original plan is a challenge right now. True, it equals lost space for storage, but will be something that we can change out this summer. There are positives to this compromise, however. We can keep our water from freezing over, plus the floor of the bus provides structure that a heavy tank needs!

For weight distribution we are keeping both our fresh and gray water tanks on one side of the bus. As the fresh water tank empties into the grey water tank, we shouldn’t notice any weight shift.

(Math moment: one gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs, multiplied by 26 gallons = 217 lbs. That’s heavy!)

Water pump and regulator are mounted by RV water tank
The water pump and regulator have been mounted to the frame under the bed, next to the fresh water tank.

Tankless Water Heater – Hours of Showers

Our tankless water heater arrived, and it is really big and heavy! The product photo on Amazon made it look half the size. But honestly, I’m not worried about having hot water now, this should do the job. (Ok, certainly not “hours of showers”, but long enough to suds up and rinse off.)

We added some extra support to the garage wall and did a test fit. The tankless water heater will sit just to the side of the little hobbit hatch from the main cabin, and on the other side of the wall to the right (not walled in yet) is the shower, so the lines don’t have to run far. Hooray for hot showers!

Fresh Water Tank

Our fresh water tank has arrived! It holds 26 gallons, and looks just massive. Even though it fits the dimensions in the undercarriage of the bus (perfectly), we discovered that we can’t get it under there without raising the bus. Now it’s time to think creatively. (I jokingly say we should dig a big hole like a mechanic’s pit and drive the bus over it.)

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