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Waterlox Butcher Block Sealer

We put the first coat of Waterlox sealant on our butcher block, and 18 hours later it still looks splotchy. But after consulting the Waterlox website I’m assured this is ok and it will even out after more coats:

“Your surface may look uneven in appearance after the first or even the second coat of Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish. This is completely normal. Waterlox penetrates deep into the wood and will build up to an even film when applied with the suggested number of coats and coverage.”

Sealing wood is a time consuming process because you have to wait so long between coats (if you’re using oil based). If you work a day job it’s a perfect evening project, because then you’re not waiting around impatiently for it to dry… This weekend at our work we had a big go live (we work in IT), so it’s nice to feel like we are still accomplishing something on the bus without much time to work on it.



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