Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Eat All the Tacos

Ok, yes, it may be too ambitious to eat all of the tacos in Mexico, but I sure tried.

Welcome to Puerto Morelos, a quiet and charming tiny fishing village only a 20 minute drive south of Cancun. Let me tell you, this is the place to be if you prefer a more authentic experience away from all the tourism and grifting. Sure, you may have to fend off a few vendors selling snorkeling packages and boat rides, but a simple, “No, gracias” will suffice and then you can move on to the next taco…

Southern New Mexico

Bikepacking New Mexico

Winter is closing in. I can feel it. The air is super crisp and bites hard at the ears and nose. We’ve been cycling every day with long rides on weekends. We’ve been wanting to go bikepacking just one time before winter descends and we lose all opportunity until next spring. So we decided on a spontaneous week long trip to New Mexico bikepack a loop in the desert over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Medicine Bow Rail Trail

The World at 10 MPH

My new bike is rad, but I still prefer my vintage 1991 Trek 970 ^. There’s just something great about it.

We knew when we moved here that we wanted to get some junker bikes to ride around on. Just something simple, nothing pretentious. It was surprisingly difficult finding something decent that wasn’t hundreds of dollars or completely rusted out. The local police auction was promising, but the bikes went fast and split decisions were made… That didn’t work out. Against every fiber of my being, I gave up my soul to the devil and registered a Facebook account to be able to access the marketplace. This led us to a late night drive into Fort Collins at the urging of a seller, and we bought a couple of bikes at deep discount out in front of a storage unit at midnight. It felt a little like a clandestine drug deal (but I did confirm the bikes were not reported as stolen). Now we have way nicer bikes than we ever planned for.

The Fish Crew, Fort Collins, CO

Eating and Pooping

I purchased some aquatic plants from an awesome fish store in Fort Collins and discovered some invertebrate hitchhikers among the roots. They have settled in comfortably at home and all acquired names pretty quickly… It is now my mission to keep them alive, well-fed, happy, and under constant god-like surveillance. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent staring into their habitat on my desk, watching all their antics (mostly eating and pooping) instead of getting my work done.