Month: April 2020

Wallowa City, OR

Time in Slow Motion

I took a little walk through the town today to look at the old Victorian buildings. It only took about 20 minutes – this is a very small town! A drunk homeless man shouted at me from across the street and then asked me about the weather. I snuck a shot of a farmer driving his mower down the road. Otherwise, there is not much going on here… It feels like time is moving in ultra-slow motion.

I am happy to report that Wallowa Food City has toilet paper! Get it while you still can!

Maui, HI


My “real” camera has been put away for a couple of years. I dug it out and found there were some photos still on there. I remember this trip and my photography at the time. I remember feeling creatively frustrated. I had this desperate pent-up need to express something intangible through my photography, but nothing would translate the way I envisioned it inside my head. So I released the pressure by stepping away from my camera for a while.

How good it feels to hold its heavy weight in my hand again. Let’s see what happens now.


Look what we found at the local Walmart! And it’s our brand, no less! Now our little secret toilet paper cubby under the walkway is full. Feeling victorious.

Spout Springs Ski Area, OR

Abandoned Ski Park

An old abandoned ski park + a bluebird sunny day = play time for grownups! I don’t think many people come to this place anyway, zombie apocalypse or not, and we had the whole place to ourselves.