Bend or Bust

We’re road trippin’ again! It’s a great feeling driving with shoes off, second coffee in my hand, new wave in my ear. Checking out the cute hind end of Cuddlebus in front of me. Chatting with my honey on the two-way radio. Taking video out the window of mountains and countryside blurring its way into history…

At 55 degrees it should have been cold, but no. It was unexpectedly balmy and humid, almost tropical. The farm fields were freshly mowed, filling the air with the cloying fragrance of warm, sweet grass. We drove into a storm, dark on the horizon.

Now we’ve left the big mountains behind. The trees have become sparse and miniaturized. We are in the desert now! After 7 long hours of driving, we made it to Bend. I’m reminded how much I don’t miss populated areas. Bend driving was chaotic. We ran some errands and got out of there, fast.

Sisters, you are so much cuter than Bend! On a clear day, one would have been able to see Broken Top, Washington, Bachelor, and the three Sisters all lined up in a tidy row, but the clouds are stuck down over the tops of the mountains like a soggy blanket.

So we’ve decided to find a campground for a couple of days before backpacking to see if the weather clears. It’s time to celebrate Brad’s birthday! Birthday celebrations start early around here.

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