Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, OR

Car Camping Recharge

Overlook, with a view from Oregon into Idaho

Queue Memorial Day weekend. Places are opening back up, people are out in full force. We had arranged to stay for five weeks at our current location – a scenic RV park by the river in a little Swiss-style village near Wallowa Lake. With one exception – Memorial Day weekend was booked so we needed to clear out for those three days.

The madness began on Friday as RVs started pulling in. Every spot was full. People were everywhere. Kids on bikes, dogs barking, parties, and barbeques in full swing… We couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

With all of our things packed for a backpacking trip, we hit the road with a trailhead as our destination. But I don’t think either of us was really motivated for backpacking this weekend. I’ve been feeling under the weather and just wanted some quiet and space to relax. So we drove past the road to the trailhead and onward to a campground further into the mountains to check that out as an option for a lazy weekend.

The campground was empty, which was pretty shocking for a weekend when everyone typically goes camping. Serendipitous, as always! We picked out the most premium site and set up camp. We hung hammocks and made a fire, had some food, and hung out lazily until it got too cold, then got in our sleeping bags and watched movies on my phone until we couldn’t stay awake anymore.

Lazy day in the hammocks, leaving small offerings of corn nuts for the chipmunks and ground squirrels

Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing at all. Remove the self-imposed pressures of needing to be somewhere and do something, all of the time. We went for a drive to an overlook high up in the mountains, looking across Hells Canyon into Idaho. It was a pretty, breezy, sunny day. We checked out some campgrounds to maybe come back to later. Talked about expanding the off-grid capabilities of our bus / home. I napped in the car. We listened to Fall of Hyperion on audiobook. I accomplished nothing of note all weekend. It was blissful.

Fast forward to now. We are back in our bus at Wallowa Lake, and the campground has mostly cleared out from the weekend flurry of activity. It’s started to rain gently on the roof. The sky is dark outside, and candles are flickering inside. Trying to enjoy the last few moments of a perfect weekend before the work week starts again tomorrow.

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