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Bridgeport, WA

Day 13

Day 13. This clearing-of-the-shelves thing is no joke. We dropped by a Walmart to pick up some supplies, and many of the shelves were completely emptied. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, medicines, rice, beans, and canned goods… All gone. Even the RV toilet paper was all gone (which is what we were looking for). It’s no surprise, but there is plenty of Corona beer left to buy! Seeing the stores like this really hit home for me. I’d heard about the hoarding and panic but hadn’t seen it firsthand.

Wenatchee, WA

Day 12

Day 12. Goodbye Steamboat Rock and cabin #2, hello Cuddlebus! She’s been in good hands with the mechanic in Wenatchee and is now purring like a kitten. Ready for the road. It’s officially my weekend, and we are headed up tomorrow to Lake Chelan. State Park campgrounds in Oregon and California have closed, so instead of our plan of heading south through Bend to Shasta we’ve decided to take an even slower tour around Washington. How fun. It’s a great life being nomads, and not knowing where the next turn will take you.

Steamboat Rock, WA

Day Seven

Day seven. We woke up this morning to snow on the ground. We arrived yesterday at Steamboat Rock in the high desert of Eastern Washington. We are staying in a little cabin here while the bus gets some TLC at the mechanic back in Wenatchee. The virus panic is out here too. Everywhere we go we hear people talking about the toilet paper shortage and how to strategize going to the bathroom without toilet paper.

Yesterday was like three days in one. We spent the morning skiing in the most gloriously perfect soft powdery snow at Mission Ridge. The snow is so different on the east side of the mountains! It was like gliding through the softest silk. It snowed all day as we then drove east to Steamboat Rock. This area is so pretty. Apple orchards and gentle farmland everywhere.

Stevens Pass to Wenatchee, WA

Day Three

Day three of our COVID apocalypse tour. We left Stevens Pass today and headed East toward Wenatchee. It was just in time because a storm was moving in on the mountain and snow had started falling. The landscape changed very quickly from dense forests to arid and treeless. I think the desert is so beautiful! Rolling sunswept hills, in brushstrokes of watercolor – green, yellow, brown, and pink.

Drives are fun. Brad and I communicate on the road via two-way radio (channel 38). Now we are camped by a wide river nestled in the hills by a manicured park. There are groundhogs everywhere, chirping at us for food. I may have left an offering of popcorn on the ground.

We’ve been looking at properties in this area, in the desert but close to the mountains. We’ll park the bus, build a bathhouse, start a garden, live off-grid. I could be happy and content with a life out here.

Stevens Pass, OR

COVID Apocalypse Tour – Day One

Day one of the apocalypse avoidance tour. We made it to Stevens Pass. The RV lot has been emptying, and now we have it almost to ourselves. I couldn’t figure out why it was still so bright out well after 7 pm… then realized it was daylight savings last night. That explains why we slept in so late this morning! We are opting out of night skiing tonight in favor of a movie. I’ll ski tomorrow during my lunch break.