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The Apocalypse Is Here

The apocalypse is here!

Well, not really, but the coronavirus epidemic has exploded here in Kirkland, WA. We’ve decided to take the bus and get out of town for a while. Our new (not-so-serious) nickname for the bus is the “bug out bus”! We are planning on a long loop / tour through the Cascades – hit as many mountains as we can, ski, climb, snow camp, and just stay remote.

Are we being paranoid about the virus? No. But it is great that we can just drive away with our home on wheels. Have we watched far too many zombie apocalypse movies lately? Well, that I can’t deny. 😉

Broken Ankle

Well, I did it. I broke my ankle.

I’m slowly coming to terms with how plans for the immediate future will have to change. Brad has been amazing and supportive. He has been exactly where I am right now. In fact, he broke his ankle in exactly the same place two years ago. I’m so lucky that he is upbeat and adaptive – he tells me that things aren’t screwed up, they will just change and be different for a while. I’m mostly just disappointed that I won’t be able to ski for at least a couple of months… I see an orthopedist next week, and hopefully, the news will be good and we’ll have a good plan for recovery.

Check out the kick-ass cardboard splint that ski patrol made for me! All Macgyvered up with tape and everything.

Mt. Rainier, WA

Green to White

The landscape of our world has turned from green to white as the snow continues to dump in the mountains. We spent yesterday skinning and skiing at Mt. Rainier. It was a physically hard day in mixed conditions, very different from when we went a month ago. But it was an incredible workout, and I’m so happy the ski season is finally here!

Amazon Deliveries

We learned a useful thing out here on the road. Amazon doesn’t just deliver to your home, they’ll also deliver to various drop locations all over the place. In this case, it was a Rite Aid near our campsite. We had been running low on a few supplies, but could still have them delivered quickly. They just scan your barcode and you’re done! This is great for travelers!

Twinkly Lights

Brad surprised me with twinkly lights for the bus. As he put it, “This isn’t camping. This is our life.” So if we want to drive to town and have a nice dinner, or see a movie in a theater, or string up fairy lights, that’s totally an option. Even though we’ve been living in the bus now for five months, it’s still hard to release the mindset that you’re camping and have to “rough it”. This is our life. Let’s enjoy it.