Steamboat Rock, WA

Day Seven

Day seven. We woke up this morning to snow on the ground. We arrived yesterday at Steamboat Rock in the high desert of Eastern Washington. We are staying in a little cabin here while the bus gets some TLC at the mechanic back in Wenatchee. The virus panic is out here too. Everywhere we go we hear people talking about the toilet paper shortage and how to strategize going to the bathroom without toilet paper.

Yesterday was like three days in one. We spent the morning skiing in the most gloriously perfect soft powdery snow at Mission Ridge. The snow is so different on the east side of the mountains! It was like gliding through the softest silk. It snowed all day as we then drove east to Steamboat Rock. This area is so pretty. Apple orchards and gentle farmland everywhere.

Cellular is poor though, so we spent part of the day exploring Grand Coulee, looking for a public place where I can work on Monday, if needed. The Grand Coulee dam visitor center was neat. Maybe I can work in their little auditorium.

Today we went up to the little town of Tonasket to check out the area. It’s small, but really beautiful, and the town is historic and charming. There are a lot of properties for sale. A contender for our future home! The little natural foods co-op has all of the things needed to stock up for the bus, and we had authentic Salvadorian pupusas for lunch! All very important things. Tomorrow we’ll go see Methow and Twisp to see how it stacks up.

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