Joseph, OR

Deeper Into the Wallowas We Go

View from our new location

After a month in Wallowa City proper, we’ve moved to a new location about an hour closer to the mountains. We’ll stay here for another month, and then we’ve planned a two-week backpacking excursion in the Sisters for Brad’s birthday. This place is owned by a nice outdoorsy couple – kindred spirits Cal and Cris! It’s in a little Swiss-themed village right by Wallowa Lake. I love it here so much. It’s scenic and treed, and the trails leading up into the wilderness are only 1/4 mile away.

Cal said that they have kayaks docked at the lake that some previous guests left behind. We can borrow them if we want to go out paddling on the lake. How fun. I just noticed that they’ve placed floating docks all over the lake with picnic tables on them! We must go kayaking and have a picnic in the sun on one of the docks.

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