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We were going grocery shopping a lot, but it still felt like we never had anything to eat. So Brad had an idea to convert our tiny fridge into a freezer (it’s designed to go either way). Now we are fully stocked with food that lasts a lot longer. Even in a tiny freezer we can fit frozen meats, tamales, veggies, fruit and grated cheese. We’ve started using frozen garlic and ginger that come in little ice cube trays. And we keep herbs like cilantro that don’t keep long fresh in there too. We have so many more options now than we did before. It can all go from frozen to fully cooked and delicious in a short time with the Instant Pot, which has turned into one of the most useful appliances for bus life! Sure, I miss fresh food a lot, but at least now we don’t have to go grocery shopping every day. Keeping ourselves safe and well fed under quarantine.



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