Lost Lake

I really love this new campsite. Last night I was lulled to sleep to the sound of a thousand lake frogs chirping, and raindrops splattering on the roof. We woke up this morning to mist hovering over the lake and shrouding the mountains. The view through the bus windows is so serene.

It’s a dark, drizzly day. Importantly, we had enough power to make morning coffee, and there should be more solar to charge up our batteries as the day goes on.

Last night Brad cooked dinner on the wood burner. It’s designed with a flat cooktop for just that purpose, but we had never actually tried it before. It worked great, and didn’t use any extra energy! I wanted to try it for myself and made some noodle soup on it today. The water boiled and soup was ready in minutes!

Old-fashioned cooking on the wood burner

We tried to find the lava tube in the ground where the lake was draining out, but couldn’t find it. There are mountain streams continuing to flow into the lake and there is still too much water. But I satisfied myself a little by watching videos inline of others who have been here at the right time and caught the whirlpool on video.

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