Trout Lake, WA

Mini Adventures

I’ve fallen into a deep state of ennui. After having so much freedom and fun over the past couple of weeks it has been difficult to re-acclimate to my work routine. It’s also been very hot, oppressively so, the kind of sweaty hot where your clothes stick to your skin and you just can’t escape it. The heat saps your energy, motivation is low…

Super boyfriend to the rescue! After work wraps up every day he’s been taking me on “mini adventures”, just short drives or hikes to places of beauty where we can cool down, take pictures, and be outside. It’s made a big difference in my mood and motivation.

We’ve gone back to explore more of the ice caves, which also helped us to escape the heat! Then explored some waterfalls and lakes, and took some scenic drives. Wherever we go we plan to continue this so we can explore an area little by little every day during the week, then have our big adventures on the weekend.

90 degrees above ground, 30 degrees underground

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