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Minor Details

A couple of minor aesthetic details that we’ve done:

The front panel of the bus by the door was separating and causing a gap. Maybe this has the potential to leak later, so we used bolts to pull the two pieces back together. The seam is now sealed with silicone. We’ll grind off the excess bolts that stick out later, and paint with white paint.

The outer seams all around the bus were covered with plastic strips that were dingy and cracked, and just looked bad. This was an easy fix. Amazon sold a similar product in long rolls, and we replaced them pretty quickly and easily in about an hour. The new strips were much more pliable and rubbery. Maybe this is something that needs to be done every few years when they dry out and crack from the weather, but it’s a small change that makes a big aesthetic difference. Hooray for big wins with little effort!



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