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On Minimalism

On minimalism – I spent a few days scanning in the last few paper items that I want to preserve. My son’s early artwork and photos of him when he was small. There wasn’t much, but there’s no reason to hang on to the paper when it can all be digitized. Buying a small scanner was a good investment, and can be used in the future for scanning in receipts and paperwork. Brad also went through his many paper maps and decided what to keep. Realistically, any of that can be found online now, but some of them hold sentimental value for mountains that he has climbed and places he’s been. But one must ask themself – is the object necessary when you still have the memories? As a society we put too much emphasis on the value of physical objects. Our filing cabinet paperwork has now been minimized to all fit into a slim binder, and that will have a place in our new tiny home. Everything we keep will be intentional and have it’s place. This is how I like to live.



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