Suttle Lake, OR

Shakshuka and Pancakes

It is still bitterly cold and rainy. We are camped out at Suttle Lake near Sisters Oregon, and have decided to hunker down and stay warm in the bus until tomorrow. It’s been challenging to find the motivation to go backpacking in such unpleasant conditions. But we have plenty more birthday vacation days to play with, so we’re not worried. Brad has promised amazing things that we’ll see once we do get on the trail – vistas of Mount Washington, Jefferson, and Three Fingered Jack, glacial mountain lakes of turquoise blue, and spring wildflower fields in full bloom.

This is our first time without shore power in a while, but we’ve done well! Even with the dark skies, there’s been enough solar to power everything and stay entertained. We’ve done cooking only with propane, and today built a fire in the wood stove to warm things up. That soothing sound of popping and crackling, and the firelight glow creates a cozy ambiance that is perfect on a rainy day. I love our wood stove.

It’s day two of Brad’s birthday celebrations. We found a little cafe in town that had the most amazing food and coffee. Brad ordered shakshuka, a Mediterranean poached egg dish, baked in savory tomato sauce with spices and mint. See how delicious it looks? My medallion pancakes came with a light dusting of snow. Or maybe it was powdered sugar… We are having a good time.

It seems like a suitable day to do some spring cleaning and putter around, work on projects, maybe binge watch movies on the projector… There’s no place like home. I’m going to miss the bus while we are backpacking.

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