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Spacious Tiny Home

As awesome and roomy as the full sized skoolies are, all we need is a shuttle bus. People tell us they could never live in something so small, but let me share how spacious our home is.

We have plenty of storage under the bed for clothes and miscellaneous. We have a dedicated charging station for our equipment and many devices. The stove top and sink are under mounted and the countertop is continuous for maximum work space. A table folds out from the side of the bed when we need to expand cooking space or sit down to eat. We have both a shower and a toilet, and the two efficiently share the same space. We can heat our home and also cook with a mini wood burner (people freak out when we tell them that we have a wood stove inside our bus). We have a “garage” that fits all of our climbing and skiing gear, accessible from the rear door of the bus and also through a little hobbit door. Our bed is queen sized and feels so spacious. We have a projector mounted over the bed and full sized screen for a complete cinematic experience. And there’s still room for a spare tire, chains, ladder, fire extinguisher… instant pot, electric kettle, sparkling water maker, vacuum.

Most importantly, the bus is small enough that driving is easy and we can get to places in the mountains where a bigger bus couldn’t reach. I don’t feel like we are lacking in anything, and we are so lucky to have this life.

View of the walkway to the shower. I keep forgetting we put a light in there!



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