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Laying Tile

Our awesome coworker has a tile saw and a lot of DIY expertise, so we took the Cuddlebus for a little trip over to her house and learned the ropes. We laid tile on the base platform for our fireplace. It took about three hours just for this section, but now we feel like we have the basic knowledge to do it on our own. We will finish up the backsplash today, then leave the bus at her house for a few days to let it cure before driving it home to grout. We have separation anxiety already! We will have to be patient, but maybe this means we’ll have some free time to go and see a movie or something. 🙂 What a crazy thought!


It’s amazing how many things change throughout the course of a build that you couldn’t have planned for. We decided to cover up the little kindling storage space under the front of the step. It was too impractical in the end. But now that we have pine paneling across the front it has allowed us to have a more continuous theme. We are putting pine across the back of the main steps as well to pull it all together. Hooray for compromise and adaptability!

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