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Deep Cycle Batteries Storage Box

Ok, deep cycle batteries are really heavy! We are keeping them under the bed, but needed to keep them from shifting while driving, so we built a frame around the base and strapped them down. They aren’t going anywhere. The fact that lithium batteries don’t need any special venting was one of the draws for purchasing them over flooded batteries, so we can store them safely under the bed. It’s really fun to see them charging now that the solar is all set up, even on a dreary, rainy day!

(I want to peel the protective film off the charge controller so bad, but Brad won’t let me…)

Alien Octopod

The function of the alien octopod explained: solar comes with a mess of cables and adapters and extenders. Because we are using flexible panels that tape down, there’s no room to tuck the cables underneath to keep them tidy. So Brad came up with a solution using a waterproof electrical box. All of the excess cabling fits nicely inside! He did a great job. And now we officially have solar installed! 

Solar Dress Rehearsal

We did a basic dress rehearsal for solar and electrical… Thank goodness for YouTube. We’ve learned so much about electrical systems and wiring that we never would have otherwise. I think we have it all figured out!

After much research, here is what we plan to use for our setup:

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