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Tongue and Groove Finished

The tongue and groove is all in, with a few minor bits to complete around the stove pipe and bottom step. There is so much wood everywhere! Our next steps are to finish window sills / trim, and condition and urethane everything. We plan to be finally moved in and rent free by the end of May (one more month to go) after seven months of build. It’s taken longer than we anticipated, but we are so excited to start spending our free time in the mountains instead of working on the bus!

Tongue and Groove

Our little cabin is emerging! The pine wall boards are very lightweight and splintery, but are going up relatively quickly. We have just one wall left to finish before the arduous process of cutting down excess, trimming everything out, sanding, and staining / finishing all the wood. Trim seems more important now than ever to cover up all of the uglies, odd edges, and mistakes.

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