Sisters, OR

Timothy Lake

The Three Sisters and Broken Top

Still not quite sure where to head next, we buttoned down everything in the bus and headed to Sisters where we would have signal to do some research. This is the view where we pulled off the road.

Now that the skies are clear you can see how magnificent these mountains really are! They’ve been mostly hidden from sight for the entire two weeks that we’ve been here.

Lake Billy Chinook campgrounds all look full, so we decided to lay down some tracks and head further north to the Hood area and explore some campgrounds near Timothy Lake. It’s so hard to know if they will have availability since the sites are “first come first served”. We will have to just head up there and find out.

I absolutely love being on the road again. More than a few days in one place makes me feel restless, and I love the excitement of heading off to who knows where, some unknown place that will hold the next adventure.

The landscape suddenly changes from arid and dry back to densely forested and very green as we approach Mt. Hood. There is still so much snow on the mountain, and I think about all of the adventures we’ve had there. My early days of learning how to ski. Sleeping in the parking lot in Cuddlebus, excited to wake up ready to ski all day. Skinning up to the rustic Tilly Jane A-frame cabin, playing in the snow, and then skiing back to the car.

Cuddlebus is drawn to the magical Mt. Hood

At Timothy Lake, one of the campgrounds is closed and the other three are completely full! There are so many people, I’m in disbelief. It’s not what I would have expected for mid-week. All of the side roads have campers and tents set up at every turnout, every field. The camp host at one of the campgrounds tells us we can camp in the overflow parking lot, which is just a little gravel lot across the road. It’s not ideal, but that’s what we do.

We will head out early in the morning and find a new destination that isn’t so crowded. Don’t mind us, we are just passing though!

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