H Mart, Portland OR

Unidentifiable (Sometimes Delicious) Objects

But.. what is it?? A cookie? A cracker? Breakfast cereal? 🤔

I took my semi-annual trip to the Asian grocery to look at unrecognizable packaged goods and try to guess the contents… There was no convincing me that roasted corn tea or durian coffee could be palatable, so I passed on those. Ultimately, went home with some safe choices in Pocky and mochi of varying flavors.

If I had space anywhere other than an apartment bathtub I would have launched a rescue mission for the two giant crustaceans whose only other destiny is to be boiled and deliciously dipped into melted butter. 🙁 Look at how cute this one was being with me.

(The irony is not lost on me. Perhaps I am just a hypocrite. But this one has a face, you see.)

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