Unlimited Wi-Fi on the Road

When we left southern Oregon I was able to keep my job as an analyst and start working 100% remotely. This opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us, but there were also some challenges to work through. The biggest challenge was internet. Being nomadic means that reliable Wi-Fi is often hard to find, and rarely (if ever) truly unlimited or fast.

I tried a couple of different options. Using the hotspot through my Google Fi plan worked great, but would be throttled after 15 GB. That could get me through one week of work if I really stretched it. Visible Wireless offered unlimited data, but the max speeds were capped at 5Mbs, which was way too slow for the work that I do. I researched other solutions for folks living off-grid or traveling full-time. There had to be something out there that was truly unlimited and unthrottled.

Finally, I found this video on YouTube that was the ticket. This full-time RVer has partnered with Reliable Internet to offer an unthrottled and unlimited plan through AT&T that works with the NetGear Nighthawk mifi device. I’ve had it now for two months and the speeds are great! It supports my work, and we are able to stream movies and videos with no issues. It’s just like home internet! We have zero regrets.

I’ve noticed that the prices are going up. I was grandfathered in at 90$ a month. Now the price is 110$ a month. I have no idea if it will go higher, but now is the time to strike if you are looking for a truly unlimited and unthrottled plan!

Update 05/04/2023 – The cost is now $150 a month.


Thank you, Story Chasing!

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