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Wallace Falls

The best PT is done in the mountains! Here we are in a cute little cabin near Gold Bar Washington. The forecast was for rain, which prompted us to change plans. We were going to go overnight backpacking, but decided instead to have a roof over our heads. So we rented a little cabin instead, with access to a network of hiking trails with vistas of waterfalls. It rained so hard during the night, a mix of sleet and hail. I’m glad we weren’t in it!

Yesterday was “bonus day”, February 29th. Brad says that anything that happens on bonus day doesn’t count. Wait, even our hike?? 

I’m still rehabilitating my ankle. Going up the mountain is fine. Coming down the mountain is bad. I wonder if it’s ever going to heal… we hiked 5 or so miles yesterday and I was hobbling by the time we got back to the cabin. Still, it hurts less than it did two weeks ago. I’m dreaming of the backpacking we’ll do this summer. We’ve started talking about six weeks on the PCT and JMT, to prep and get our systems down for the Annapurna circuit in the fall. 



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