Wallowa City, OR

Wallowa, Oregon

If you zoom in as far as possible you might spot Cuddlebus!
We went for a hike up this hill overlooking the valley. Found out later it is called “Tick Hill”, apparently for good reason!

We are in the wild and wonderful Wallowas… If we must be stuck somewhere for a while, I love that it is here.

There isn’t as much space and privacy here as there was at Hot Lake, but we are really close to the mountains for hiking and skiing which makes it worth our while. We’ve set ourselves up to be here for a month. A month seems like such a long time to be in one place when you’re living life on the road, but “sheltering in place” means we can’t just pick up and leave any time we want to. There is a certain security and safeness in being able to call this place our home for the next four weeks.

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