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The Basic Binding of Books: A Tutorial

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Debate a bit more over your materials.

A Fat Tire often helps during this deliberation process.

Our mull is dry! There may be a bit of tightening / shrinking as the glue dries, but this is okay.

I want to do headbanding on this book, so we need to punch more holes. Measure and mark where your holes will be, just above the top of the mull, using the same method as before. To punch holes, hold each signature open and punch through from the outside, paying careful attention that the needle comes through in the center of the crease on the inside of the signature. (A piece of cardboard is useful like a bookmark.)

For headbanding you need a length of cord to loop around and (for two toned headbands) two lengths of embroidery thread in different colors tied together at the end. Wax all of these with your beeswax block. For more information on how to do your own headbanding, click here.

I keep completed signatures clipped with a binder clip to keep them out of the way and keep myself more organized.

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