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Sisters, OR

Timothy Lake

The Three Sisters and Broken Top

Still not quite sure where to head next, we buttoned down everything in the bus and headed to Sisters where we would have signal to do some research. This is the view where we pulled off the road.

Now that the skies are clear you can see how magnificent these mountains really are! They’ve been mostly hidden from sight for the entire two weeks that we’ve been here.

Lake Billy Chinook campgrounds all look full, so we decided to lay down some tracks and head further north to the Hood area and explore some campgrounds near Timothy Lake. It’s so hard to know if they will have availability since the sites are “first come first served”. We will have to just head up there and find out.

I absolutely love being on the road again. More than a few days in one place makes me feel restless, and I love the excitement of heading off to who knows where, some unknown place that will hold the next adventure.

Lost Lake, OR

Happy Creatures

Last night it stormed like crazy, with thunder and lightning and hard rain. It must have made all the little wetland creatures happy. I found this guy hanging out on a wet stump this morning. Isn’t he cute?

Lost Lake, OR

Blue Sky

This is the first blue sky that we’ve seen in so many days!

Sadly, Brad woke up with a migraine. If it clears up soon we’ll go for a day hike, but it seems that backpacking is just not going to happen this week. The weather is going to turn bad again tomorrow.

I cooked again on the wood burner last night. Packet salmon and mashed potatoes! It was so delicious and simple. Why haven’t we done this before?


It’s easier to let go when you realize experiences and adventures are so much more valuable than “stuff”. Stuff is just weight.

If you can’t carry it, either it has to go or you have to stay.