Day 20

Somewhere in Idaho, trying to figure out where to go…

Day 20. It’s been all serendipity since the day Brad and I found each other, sometimes ridiculously so. However, this past week has been a comedy of misfortune, and we’re just not used to that.

To sum it up, we’ve been chasing a rainbow – moving from one place to another (sometimes being asked to leave), having our registration fees refunded, the campsites closing or closed… State parks, city parks, BLM parks, private RV parks… Most people have been nice. Some people have seemed irritated that we are out when we should be at “home” sheltering in place. But this is our home, and not everyone that we meet is fully understanding of our situation. It’s ok.

Early this morning we woke up to a knock on the bus window with a guy yelling at us to leave, that we couldn’t be there. A nice cop the night before had directed us to that very spot. Bleary-eyed, we buttoned everything down and hit the road earlier than we would have liked. We’ve heard about these kind of stories from other bus lifers but just hadn’t experienced them yet.

I’ve had Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” stuck in my head all day. It feels like all we’ve done is drive with no chance to settle down and enjoy the places we’ve gone to. But that song puts me in a good mood. It describes us.

On the road again
Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway
We’re the best of friends
Insisting that the world keep turnin’ our way


The world may have turned back our way. We are now in Oregon near the Wallowas at a hot spring resort. The hot springs are closed, but there is a large area for RVs and campers, and the host is smartly staggering guests to create plenty of distance in between. We are guaranteed a place here and won’t get kicked out!

Finally, we can rest. I took a nap to finish the sleep that I didn’t finish this morning, and a soft rain started falling. It’s so peaceful.

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